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About the Company

CAPITALYTICS is the only comprehensive, integrated business intelligence service available for bankers. For less than the cost of a single full-time employee, Capitalytics can provide your bank with the following benefits.

  • Automated data collection and pre-processing
  • Validated treasury management policies
  • Low cost development of custom analyses
  • Same-day deployment of custom analyses
  • Monthly flat-rate fees per bank size
  • Profitability, lost revenue analyses
  • Examiner-approved documentation
  • Capitalytics provides sophistication of larger banks with easy-to-use web interface

Capitalytics Features

CAPITALYTICS is a comprehensive web-based Business Intelligence (BI) suite for banks to locate, value, and forecast their revenue risks and opportunities. In short, we enable your bank's personnel to make decisions without being slowed down by the tactical requirements of managing technology. Features of our technology & our services include:

  • "Dashboards" of Operational Metrics
  • Cashflow Modeling and Forecasting
  • Easy-to-digest Executive Summaries
  • Peer, Bank, and Market Research
  • Custom Reports, Models, and Processes
  • Consulting Services

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