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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Capitalytics? What services does Capitalytics offer?

A: CAPITALYTICS is a web-based data analysis service for bankers. We provide a full range of asset/liability analysis services for financial institutions, including market growth, cashflow, liquidity, sensitivity, interest rate risk, and competitive analyses. All of our services, including custom-developed analyses and report forms, are delivered via our web-based interface; this feature allows bankers to not only access reports necessary for regulatory compliance, but to also generate customized information on an "as needed" basis to aid management in self-directed strategic planning or operational evaluation. CAPITALYTICS also integrates knowledge of demographic and industry trends to help our customers target client segments, identify competitive benchmarks, forecast trends, and develop custom tools to integrate with budgeting & related processes.

Our reports range from strategic, to operational, to tactical. Our information takes your bank's data, as well as that from CAPITALYTICS internally developed data sources, and extends your visibility into your bank from both an internal and an external perspective. We frequently work with ALCO committees, treasury management groups, and MIS departments to supplement their capabilities. Our report packages may be aimed at examiners, senior bank management, marketing groups within banks, or field personnel, and may be used to identify issues and risks; evaluate and compare the performance of individuals or groups; and determine strategic adjustments.

CAPITALYTICS can provide a richer, more useful, and more insightful set of services than those available through public and other commercial services. For instance, we provide an advanced forecasting technology that is easier to use than any other products available to the banking industry. Second, our analyses examine external macro-economic factors such as unemployment, oil prices, copper prices, and the cost of funds so that the recent history of these measures can be used by our customers to indicate future trends in their operational metrics. Third, we are able to build custom credit scorecards, identify additional metrics that are relevent to your bank's specific operation, and perform other technical analyses (on either a one-time or an automated basis) upon request.

Q: How does Capitalytics differ from other services?

A: CAPITALYTICS does provide for a number of basic analyses that complement or duplicate the functionality of many other services; in fact, given our assets and resources, we have efficiently and effectively duplicated the capabilities of competing services at the request of our customers, allowing them to lower their costs from what they previously paid other service providers. This, however, is not the end of the story. Our approach can be distinguished from other services in three key areas:

First, our standard analyses are unique in that they have been designed and built with the input of bankers and IT experts who are at the top of their respective fields; this mixture provides a state-of-the-art web-based service that provides key answers to questions on demand.

Second, our services are designed to be customized so that your bank can rapidly take advantage of the best practices that we encounter throughout the banking industry; we tailor the implementations to be integrated with your bank's processes rather than trying to force slow and painful changes in your bank's culture.

Third, CAPITALYTICS does not stop with generating spreadsheets of numbers, but we go the next step to interpret the results and translate them into plain English that can be the focus of management efforts or a Board meeting; by doing so, we can intelligently inform a banker of the key issues in their operation, identify the root cause of those issues, and help develop strategies to address the issue.

Q: How does Capitalytics obtain a bank's financial data?

A: CAPITALYTICS retrieves information from over a dozen sources of public data, and easily integrates with our customers' core systems. We can receive feeds from your bank's core, general ledger, deposits, and other systems by automatically retrieving them from a DMZ site provided by your bank, or by allowing your bank to upload data to our secure site. CAPITALYTICS can work with any in-house or outsourced core processing system, including Fiserv, Jack Henry, Metavante, Fidelity, Harland, and others, and we can likely leverage reports that are already produced for your bank.

Q: Is Capitalytics service offered with an understanding of and within the bounds provided by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?

A: Yes. Since CAPITALYTICS provides services to analyze proprietary bank data, we recognize and can accommodate the level of security required by GLBA.

Q: Does Capitalytics service operate in a SAS-70 certified environment? What security measures does Capitalytics implement to protect customer data?

A: Absolutely; we recognize the need for absolute security of our clients' data, and manage this issue very diligently. CAPITALYTICS services are hosted in data centers that are SAS-70 Type II certified. (Documentation regarding the certifications of our hosting facilities is available under agreement.) Additionally, customer proprietary data is never transferred outside of CAPITALYTICS network of servers, and, when data is transferred between CAPITALYTICS servers, data is encrypted using well-recognized encryption methods. CAPITALYTICS servers are all dedicated exclusively to providing the service, and we deliberately avoid virtual environments which implement sharing servers because of the sensitivity of our customers' data. Absolutely no one other than CAPITALYTICS personnel has access to any proprietary customer data.

Q: Does Capitalytics implement any IP address whitelisting, to only allow access by a particular bank's employees from an approved list of IP addresses?

A: To provide an additional level of security, CAPITALYTICS can implement IP whitelisting to restrict access by certain users from specific IP addresses.

Q: Is Capitalytics site accessed via HTTP or HTTPS secured web pages?

A: Access to CAPITALYTICS system is available exclusively via HTTPS web pages, which are authenticated using well-known certificate issuers.

Q: Are uptime statistics available for Capitalytics?

A: CAPITALYTICS servers' availability is measured on a monthly basis, and availability has been consistently measured as 99.9%-99.95% (including scheduled downtime which is typically pre-determined, and scheduled for weekends).

Q: Are any alerts sent or available to Capitalytics based on suspicious activity?

A: Reports documenting server access are automatically generated and reviewed by CAPITALYTICS personnel on a daily basis.

Q: Has Capitalytics ever been subject to any data breaches?

A: No, CAPITALYTICS has never been subject to any hacking or other security incidents.

Q: What are Capitalytics access and authentication requirements?

A: CAPITALYTICS offers banks the capability for our system to integrate with a bank's single sign-on or single-credential system, allowing a bank the additional level of control in a user accessing sensitive data. In this case, any password security requirement that a bank would implement as part of their internal IT policies would be automatically required in order for an employee of the bank to access CAPITALYTICS system. On the other hand, CAPITALYTICS does offer its own authentication system, which can support many standard requirements such as regular password expiration, password complexity, and reset frequencies. Multi-factor authentication can also be implemented by CAPITALYTICS ; we are glad to work with banks to fulfill their security requirements.

Q: Does Capitalytics provide for two-factor authentication?

A: Yes, CAPITALYTICS offers two-factor authentication on a per-bank basis; in other words, a bank's administrator or other management can require that all of their users use an independent verification code generated by Google Authenticator. Google provides Android , BlackBerry , and iOS versions of Authenticator.

Q: How much does Capitalytics cost?

A: CAPITALYTICS pricing is primarily based upon your bank's asset size, and generally costs less than a full-time employee for community banks. We also are glad to implement custom reports and/or proprietary models at reasonable pricing under agreement, so contact us to see how we can help your bank.