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Services Overview

Community bankers are not a "one-size-fits-all" breed; every bank is unique in its strategy, objectives, and customers.

That, too, is the case with CAPITALYTICS . While we stand out from our competitors with our offerings and technology, the flexibility of our service delivery is named as a significant benefit by our clients.

We offer our technology in several formats: on a pure SaaS ("Software-as-a-Service", or "technology subscription") model, a custom software development model, a consultant-managed model, or via a partner.

Services: Technology Subscription

CAPITALYTICS was originally developed to be offered using a SaaS ("Software-as-a-Service") model, and we are glad to help client banks receive the maximum value from our service.

Under a SaaS model, Capitalytics is priced on a monthly basis, where your bank's rate is a function of its assets.

Since we want for your bank to receive maximum benefit from its use of Capitalytics, we do not impose "per seat" limitations, "a la carte" per feature pricing, or surcharges that are a function of the number of reports run.

Further, we will accept payment in advance so that if your bank is growing, we will not re-evaluate your price tier until your next payment is due.

Services: Proprietary & Open Model Development

While we have designed CAPITALYTICS with a robust set of reports and other models, there have been cases when banks have wanted additional customizations made for their use.

We are glad to discuss customizations to our service, either on an "open" basis (in which we can offer a developed feature to other banks), or on a proprietary basis (in which, with an agreed-to fee, only your bank will have access to developed reports or analyses).

In either case, while we may negotiate that a report format may be provided to other banks, you can rest assured that your bank's data will always remain secure and confidential in our SAS-70/SSAE-16 certified datacenters.

Contact us for more information.

Services: Consulting

A key component of CAPITALYTICS value proposition is in the relationship that we strive to build with our clients. While some banks are equipped to work with an analytics service "out of the box", other banks may require more attention.

Capitalytics offers an integrated and customized service that can be as unique as necessary. Given our cost structure, IP implementation, and ability to leverage a very flexible technology platform, we can pass our tightly controlled costs on to you to provide you with a very "high touch" and customized experience that maximizes their value.

Contact us for more information.

Services: Partnerships

Just as CAPITALYTICS can work with individual banks for a unique analytics service that provides valuable insights, we are also equipped to provide our services as a "white label" offering through partners. In doing so, we have used our standard offering as the beginning of a customized platform that can be tailored to support your organization's specific process, and turn a relationship with Capitalytics into a strategic differentiator that separates you from your competition.

Whether your organization is a correspondent bank, service provider, or other third party, contact us for information about how we can help your clients, or click here for more information.