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Capitalytics Mission

Capitalytics' Mission is to pragmatically increase profits for banks by enabling easier access to actionable data and conclusions. Our belief is that, by intelligently taking advantage of available technologies, smaller community banks can benefit from our analytics and data mining solutions in the form of both regulatory compliance and increased profitability.

Our technology is proven to help banks enhance their position in many ways, such as

  • Wider Net Interest Margins;
  • Increased Per-Product Profit;
  • Identified Risk-Weighted Client Value;
  • Increased Per-Employee Profitability; and,
  • Optimized Interest & Non-Interest Profit.

Capitalytics' approach is unique in our focus on identifying opportunties for value for our clients, and pro-actively highlighting these opportunities for banks in "plain English". We use state-of-the-art data mining and machine learning techniques to understand the underlying value generators, have these generators reported to users, and then to continue monitoring market conditions to identify new trends.