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Working with Capitalytics

In today's climate, there are competing market and technology forces that drive

  1. increased efficiency demands by community banks in deploying their budgets and personnel, and
  2. declining technology costs.

CAPITALYTICS offers a unique platform designed to help those in the financial services arena -- including examiners, bankers, service providers and consultants.

Please take a few moments to review the pages in this section for more information, and then contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.

Value for Banks

CAPITALYTICS typically works with banks that have assets ranging from less than $1B to over $20B. We generally liaise with a member of the executive, financial, retail, or marketing senior management staff. These banks may already have internal objectives and processes in place, may have made an investment in MIS personnel, data triage analyses, and/or sophisticated Treasury Management strategies; Capitalytics can easily build upon these investments to address additional issues as needed.

For banks that are still maturing, we can offer assistance, tools, and processes that have already been scrutinized by regulators, to help your bank succeed. We can also work with a bank's ALCO committee, treasury management group, and MIS department to supplement your needs as appropriate.

Value for Correspondents

CAPITALYTICS is happy to work with correspondent banks, as well as banks that have correspondence groups to service other community banks.

Our services can easily be tailored for "white-labeling" or re-branding to help you remain as competitive as possible while managing your investment and risk.

Value for Financial Service Providers, Interim Management, & Consultants

CAPITALYTICS is eager to provide our services through financial service providers and consultants. We are willing to develop technologies for consultants to use as part of client engagements.

Whether it is for a profitability analysis, credit risk scorecard review, or exam preparation, Capitalytics can be your silent technology partner: we are always available, enhance your value proposition, and let you manage your client relationships more effectively.