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Benefits of Capitalytics

CAPITALYTICS is a unique platform that offers several advantages over other competing products, in terms of price, features, robustness, service, and customizability. Specifically, we point out the following benefits of Capitalytics.

  • Automatically generated actionable intelligence tailored for your bank
  • Low monthly rates based on the size of your bank, without capital expenditures for equipment or upgrades
  • No "per seat" or "per use" pricing
  • No on-site integration necessary
  • Easily integrated with any core system, using reports that your system likely already provides

Benefits: Ease of Use

Capitalytics has been specifically designed provide useful and actionable intelligence, while keeping the technology in the background, thereby allowing users to focus on their objectives, not on the system itself.

As a result, Capitalytics becomes the "expert assistant" who doesn't distract you until we find barriers to accomplishing your core goals: managing regulatory issues, maximizing profitability, and driving strategic objectives throughout the organization. By letting Capitalytics handle the details, focused strategic thinking can get back to being the main priority in the C-level offices.

Benefits: Profit-Focused Analysis

CAPITALYTICS mission is primarily aimed at helping banks continually monitor and manage their profits. All of Capitalytics reports revolve around this objective, whether it is historically facing analysis or forward-looking forecasting.

Capitalytics specifically focuses on dividing profitability into three dimensions: client value, product value, and channel (bank group or employee) value. By quantifying the value of each account in a bank, we can then aggregate the value of each client, product, and channel within the organization and highlight where the bank is effectively using its resources, and where it is missing the mark. We can then make recommendations based on the value that we find in the community.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your bank maximize its profits with the best analyses.

Benefits: Integrated Business Intelligence

CAPITALYTICS has evolved out of several basic ideas:

  1. Technology should enable harder problems to be solved more easily, and more strategic thinking to possible for smaller organizations.
  2. Technology's cost-effectiveness should increase with time (i.e., value increases as either (i) service increases or (ii) price decreases).
  3. Productizing solutions to problems enables more banks to benefit from a single investment in effort.

At Capitalytics, we continue to grow and refine our service offerings, keeping in mind that every bank is unique, but also building solutions at the same time that we find answers. This mindset allows us to be more robust and competitive at a fraction of the costs of other providers.

Benefits: Competitive Knowledge

CAPITALYTICS is an easy-to-use system that helps bankers stay on top of their competitive position, without getting in the way.

  • Find market leaders based on any of over 25 attributes
  • Rank banks within a state or region, across the entire United States, and also within custom user-defined groups.
  • Compare states, regions, and custom user-defined groups of banks based on the median values for banks of interest.
  • Find peer banks based on deposit and loan distribution profiles.
  • Compare bank performance across hundreds of metrics.

Take a moment to review all of our reports and data, and then contact us to discuss how we can help your bank.

Benefits: Universal Dashboard

One of the most difficult challenges for bank management is maintaining a strong relationship with the retail organization in order to monitor, update, and incentivize the development of optimal new production.

CAPITALYTICS provides this communication channel between strategic objectives and day-to-day tactical implementation by maintaining a customizable dashboard for each user of our system. The information in this dashboard provides the up-to-date status of progress towards goals for individuals and organizations within the bank, allowing for both (a) incentivization, and (b) modification of sales objectives to maximize the success of the bank.